An accurate horoscope prediction for $ 50,000? Is that possible?

accurate horoscope prediction

This young lady (her name is Alexandra) made an accurate horoscope prediction. She gave the exact day a bank’s license would be revoked.

It was the bank where Alexandra’s aunt kept a large deposit. The insurance did not cover the entire amount.

When the astrologer saw this future picture, she asked her aunt to withdraw all the money before the particular date.

Her aunt heeded the recommendations…

…and precisely on day X, as predicted, the bank’s license was revoked. In fact, this astrological forecast was worth $50,000.

I was impressed by this case and interviewed Alexandra.


Natal astrology doesn’t teach to make an accurate horoscope prediction

Alexandra, tell me, how did you come to astrology?

I first became very interested in astrology when I was 16. I read many books and then went to a famous school of natal astrology. It wasn’t a very good school; their course content could all be found for free on the Internet. Moreover, they did not teach to make accurate predictions.

I graduated from a law academy, and I always wanted to know the future by applying straightforward logical rules. Since I am not a fortune-teller, I do not have a third eye, I do not have prophetic dreams, but I really wanted to know the future.

All I wanted is to take the manual and read: “Do this, then do this, and you will get this”, and I expected this result to be proven by facts. In schools of natal astrology, I hadn’t found anything like that. 

I believed that astrology was powerful, I just hadn’t found the right training yet. I started looking for a school where they teach accurate forecasts and found your school based on recommendations.

After just 3 months, following precise rules, I learned to make accurate predictions. Yes, in just 3 months.

Alexandra, tell me, what did this new skill give you?

Almost everything. Astrology is a science that can be applied in all spheres of life. It can be work, love, relationships – I can make predictions in any area.

I make predictions every day. It has become as common a habit to me as getting up in the morning and brushing my teeth.

But how does your life change with this?

Life has changed, but not dramatically as someone could imagine. I make less mistakes and by that, I can use my time more effectively. 

An accurate horoscope prediction saved a lot of money

One of the first predictions I made was for my aunt.

She kept $50,000 in a bank deposit. We had heard a rumor that this bank might have its license revoked, but, of course, these were just rumors.

Withdrawing the money ahead of the deposit term would mean that she would lose all of her accumulative interest, obviously she wasn’t keen to do that. She asked me what she should do. 

I cast a chart and saw her money’s planet approaches the Sun and burns out in its rays in 7 degrees. It literally meant “her money would burn out in 7 days”.

I told her then that this was my first prediction, but I could see that her money would burn out in a week and she urgently needed to withdraw it. 

She withdrew all the money and exactly 7 days later, the bank announced its closure and its license was revoked. Insurance payments would not have covered the entire amount of the deposit and I actually saved her a lot of money.

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They thought of me with much greater authority

We can say that you have reimbursed the costs of training in 3 months.

Oh yes, plus my relatives thought of me with much greater authority after that. They all called me whenever they had questions, about all kinds of topics. 

As well as relatives, some clients came to me on business issues after that forecast with the bank. 

They also come to me for a prediction of the birth of children.

So we may say that you have started your own astrology business?

Definitely! And it doesn’t take time. You can make predictions almost instantly, anywhere. You only need to have access to the phone to cast a horoscope.

How long does it take you to make an accurate horoscope prediction? Here, a client called you, told you about the situation, and asked to describe the future. How long does it take you to prepare a response?

Depends on the question, but usually 5 to 15 minutes. After that, the answer is ready. Moreover, in about 90 cases out of 100, the answer is absolutely correct.

Later, I think that I will leave my main job and will make my living solely with astrology, and there is a reason for that.

It is vital and valuable work. You benefit people and you enjoy it.

Several fears of learning

What would you say to those who are just thinking about learning to make accurate predictions?

I would say that there is no need to be afraid. When I started out, I had several fears of learning.

My first fear was whether I would be smart enough to comprehend all this knowledge, but it turned out that astrology is simple. Everyone can comprehend this science.

The lessons are all presented in a simple form, like an alphabet – from a to z. Anyone can learn this.

My second fear was about time. My life in the city is busy and I wasn’t sure when I would have the time to study, since I only had time in the evenings after work. I needn’t have worried at all.

The lessons are designed in such a way that they are information-rich – I didn’t have to wait for hours to hear crumbs of important information. That is very valuable.

I devoted every evening to studying for 3 months, and now I spend only 15 minutes making a forecast and I can use this skill at any moment. 

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