Planetary influence explained

Planetary influence

Astrologers often talk about the planetary influence on humans. But, stars and planets cannot influence individuals directly.

For example, the size of the Sun is 800,000,000 times the size of an ordinary person. The Sun cannot influence a single person without affecting the rest of humanity.

It is as if a giant began to whisper in secret with an individual. This whisper would be heard by everyone else.

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  1. Do planets have influence on humans?
  2. The Group Field
  3. “I was just thinking about you”
  4. There is something in the air
  5. The soul of the world
  6. Planetary influence in action
  7. Planets affect the Group Field
  8. Socially induced hypnosis

Do planets have influence on humans?

Though the planets cannot directly influence the individual, they can affect the Earth and humanity in general. More specifically, the planets directly affect the biological environment. And in turn, this environment affects each person individually.

Scientists studied this influence in the middle of the last century. In early scientific works, they called this environment the noosphere.

Now, thanks to social psychology, we have a more accurate name – the group gield.

The Group Field

I define a Group Field (GF) as a mediator which allows people to feel and understand each other at a large distance with no visible contacts

GF has its own property and dynamics as a superposition of group emotions. GF, in turn, can influence each particular person connected to it. And it is still the subject of planetary influence as I will show later.

At the moment, the mechanism of the distant connection between people is still poorly investigated. Anyway, it is actively used in practice, say, in Helinger’s constellations.

I will put forward my hypothesis that explains the nature of the group field.

“I was just thinking about you”

In quantum physics, there is the concept of entangled particles. These are two particles of matter that are mirroring each other.

  • If something happens to one particle, then the same change happens to the other.
  • This change is instantaneous and does not depend on distance.

I hypothesize a high concentration of the entangled particles in the positively charged ions of neuronal cells.

Imagine that a person is going through a certain experience. It can be

  • bodily feelings,
  • emotions,
  • thoughts,
  • memories,
  • decisions made or
  • actions taken.

Biologically, this experience signifies

  • the release of neurotransmitters and
  • the passage of electrical potentials through neuronal cells.

A change in the concentration of ions accompanies this process. It causes the change of state of entangled particles.

These particles are distributed among people. When the state of the particles changes in one brain, the same occurs in another.

In turn, it partially triggers

  • the release of the same neurotransmitters and
  • excitation of the same areas in the other person’s head.

The other person involuntarily begins to

  • experience the same feelings and emotions and
  • come to the same thoughts and decisions that the first person does.

It turns out that the quantum effect of entanglement explains the invisible psychic connection between people.

How many times has it happened that you call your loved one and hear in response, “I was just thinking about you”? Or you feel it at a distance if something has happened to a relative or someone you are close to?

There is something in the air

In science, there are also many cases when two scientists or several laboratories made the same discovery at the same time. Meanwhile, they did not communicate with each other in any way. It is as if the same thoughts were in the air.

It is all the action of the group field. The quantum entanglement effect easily explains:

  • Feeling of loved ones at a distance,
  • A hypnotic suggestion at a distance
  • Cases where people spoke dead languages
  • Hellinger’s constellations
  • Cases of telepathy
  • The ability of some people to see a picture covered by a black canvas, and so on

All this happens due to the brain’s ability to “read” information distributed amongst other people. And it has direct connection with the planetary influence as I will show you later.

The soul of the world

Imagine that the brains of all people are connected. Humanity forms an incredible neural network. Each person is a node in this network. The closer the social and cultural distance between two nodes, the easier it is for them to feel and understand each other.

This global network allows the transmission of sensory and cognitive experience at a distance. It is the collective mind, the soul of the world.

On the one hand, it does not exist on its own. It is distributed among people like a torrent file is distributed among individual computers. But on the other hand, this field is capable of influencing every person directly.

For example, if you find yourself in a crowd, you can quickly become infected with panic, glee, or anger simply because everyone feels it.

The group field can

  • inspire you with thoughts and emotions,
  • lead you to a particular conclusion, or
  • cause an action.

Another example is attitudes towards sexual minorities, tolerance, or rejection of other religions. These attitudes are not your personal conclusions but values that society suggested. It is a group field action.

Planetary influence in action

Several physical theories prove that the planets’ constant movement leads to a subtle change in the chemical composition of the Earth’s atmosphere. When a person inhales chemically charged air, that causes psychic reactions within him.

These reactions are too feeble to be noticed, Therefore we can call them unconscious reactions. Humanity knew the connection between breath and psyche for a long time. As an example, I will give the linguistic trace of this knowledge.

  • The word spirit (the soul) is associated with breathing, through words respiration and inspiration.
  • Breast (the soul) has a connection with the word breathing.
  • The Latin word Anima (the soul) has another meaning – the air.

The same clear connection exists in other languages. Astrologers believe that personality, that is, the horoscope is established at the moment of the first breath.

The unconscious reaction of one person to the chemical composition of the air is insignificant. But since the group field connects all people, their simultaneous response leads to excitation of the field itself.

Planets affect the Group Field

And this is where the magic begins. An excited group field, in turn, begins to affect each person individually.

You can figuratively compare a set of brains united in a neural network with a resonant tuning fork that reacts to planetary motion. Each person is like a particle of a tuning fork that trembles together with the fork itself.

The group field has its own attributes. These are group roles that it distributes among people and people unconsciously play these roles.

Imagine the typical cultural roles of villain, victim, and hero. People unknowingly fall into one of these roles in social groups when the field is in motion.

The examples are the “Black Lives Matter” movement, mass repressions, and the cult of the dictator in various countries. The planetary influence trigger these social motions. Ancients called the planets “Tempore gubernatoris” (the controllers of the time in Latin).

The group roles appear on a personal level during the day. A person can be a punishing boss at work and henpecked at home.

Socially induced hypnosis

We jump into different roles throughout the day. When we ride in a packed subway in the morning, we assume the role of a passenger. The sight fades, we stop responding to touching each other in the crowd. When we find ourselves in the spotlight on the stage, our posture, voice, and habits change. We fall into another role.

We have various different identities with different value systems, feelings, motives, and life rules in our various roles.

Each of us only plays roles if there are other players or spectators around. People behave like dictators, victims, critics, or advocates only when other people surround them. These are not individual but group field roles.

The excited group field creates group dynamics, i.e., psychically charged roles. As a result, people begin to fulfill those roles blindly. In a sense, we can call it socially induced hypnosis.

It is a field that creates

  • a sequence of interactions between people and
  • a flow of events through group dynamics.

And these are the planets that excite the group field.

If we remove all intermediate joints, we see the initial cause and the final effect – the planetary influence on the flow of events.

The flow of events manifests itself at all levels:

  • internationally – culturally
  • personally

The ultimate hands of the group field, by which it creates events in one’s life, are other people. These are friends, colleagues, city, or country residents.

That is how planets influence humans.


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