How Accurate is Astrology?

How accurate is astrology

If you ask me how accurate astrology is, I can give an exact answer, to the percentage. How do we define accuracy? I’ll get into that in just a minute.

First, I’d like you to ask yourself, “are horoscopes accurate?” The answer would almost always be no.

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  1. Why is astrology sometimes wrong?
  2. How accurate is astrology prediction?  Real-life examples
  3. Are birth horoscopes accurate?

Why is Astrology Sometimes Wrong?

The planets in the horoscope always show a vast number of things. For mars, for example, stands for anything cutting, burning, or aggressive.

If you see in a horoscope that a person contacts Mars, you can never be 100% sure whether they will be involved in an accident or a lawsuit.

Astrologers often make predictions remotely, even without understanding the client’s current circumstances. Such approaches debunk and delegitimize astrology.

However, if you know what a particular planet signifies in the context of the current situation, you can numerically evaluate the forecast’s accuracy.

How Accurate is Astrology Prediction?  Real-life Examples

Let me give you three examples from life to help you to get an idea of how to evaluate the accuracy of an astrological forecast.

Moving to a New House and a Washing Machine

The girl asked me if she would move to a new house next month. I answered “yes”, but added that she would encounter a broken washing machine. It happened exactly as I had said; on the day of her arrival, the washing machine broke down.

What was the chance that three events would happen simultaneously?

  • The girl would move to a new house next month and
  • At the same time, something would get broken there and
  • It would be a washing machine and nothing else.

The chance is scanty enough. Let’s see how to evaluate it numerically in the following example.

Students Who Were Late

In one of my astrology classes, I noticed the absence of three students. Instead of guessing when they would come, I made an accurate astrology forecast in front of the class and announced when they would come. Two of them would come together in 3 minutes and the third would arrive 1 minute after that.

The class started to wait for what would happen next. Exactly 3 minutes later, two students entered the classroom and a minute later, a third one arrived.

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What were the chances to make such a prediction?

Consider any of three students.

  • What is the chance they could not come to class on a given day? 50%.
  • If they come, what is the likelihood that they will appear in a particular minute within the next 15 minutes? That’s right, 1/15 (I take 15 minutes as average late time here).
  • In summary, what is the chance that the student will simultaneously come to the class at a specific minute within next 15 minutes? It is 1/2 times 1/15, which is 1/30.

Finally, what is the probability that three students will appear in a predicted time? We need to divide the result by 3. So:

  • The chance of expected outcome is 1/90 (about 1.1%)
  • And the error rate is 100% – 1.1% = 98.9%

If from 100 possible outcomes you have avoided 99 mistakes, then you were 99% right. It is the accuracy of a particular astrological forecast.

The lower the chance of the predicted outcome, the higher the forecast accuracy when it hits the bullseye. 

Bullshit Predictions

Suppose an astrologer tells you that your financial condition will change soon. Such a formulation sounds familiar. But is it accurate astrology forecast?

When you go shopping, your account balance changes and your financial situation will, by default, vary. The chance of such an outcome tends towards 100%, which means the prediction accuracy tends towards 0%.

Still in doubt as to whether astrology is accurate? Read this

At a party, my friends left an expensive camera somewhere and could not find it. The owner of the camera was upset. I cast a horoscope of the situation and said that the camera is in the box to my left under a red makeup bag.

Indeed, there was a container to my left. My friends were surprised when the owner pulled out a red makeup bag from the box. They were even more surprised when the camera followed the makeup bag.

The probability of the simultaneous coincidence of all these details tends towards 0%, meaning the accuracy tends towards 100% (though never equals to it).

Are Birth Horoscopes Accurate?

I do not consider a birth horoscope as an accurate source of information. As I mentioned earlier, any planet may have several meanings and it is always a matter of astrologer’s intuition which meaning to prefer.

In my practice, I use the situation horoscope for better forecast accuracy. The reason is simple. In the context of a particular situation, planets have an exact meaning and the chances of being wrong are minimal.

You may ask, “how is this even possible?” Watch this short video – it explains the logic.

If you are interested in a scientific approach to astrology, read my article on planetary influence.

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